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LNT135: A Place in the Sky


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A Place in the Sky

Music by:
James Clarke
Dorothy Ker
Howard Skempton
Tim Parkinson
Ross Lorraine
Paul Rhys
Christopher Fox
Bryn Harrison

Performed by:
Andrew Sparling (clarinet)

Review: The Wire

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1 James Clarke: Entfernung (2003) 8:05 11.0MB £0.99
2 Dorothy Ker: [...and...1] (2003) 16:00 21.2MB £1.99
3 Howard Skempton: A Card for Lucy (1984) 1:14 2.0MB £0.79
4 Tim Parkinson: clarinet and words (2003) 10:53 13.7MB £1.49
5 Ross Lorraine: new work (1999) 5:41 8.0MB £0.79
6 Paul Rhys: Dialogue Parts I, II (2001) 7:47 9.6MB £0.99
7 Howard Skempton: Melody for a First Christmas (1979) 1:19 2.0MB £0.79
8 Christopher Fox: A Place in the Sky (2003) 5:40 6.9MB £0.79
9 Bryn Harrison: Open 2 (2001) 14:11 18.8MB £1.49
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