Lontano ensemble

Lontano - The future in music

Lontano exploded onto the contemporary music scene in 1976. Cuban born conductor/composer Odaline de la Martinez and flautist Ingrid Culliford founded a music group whose impact on the perception of new music has been profound and enduring.

Lontano’s performances feature some of the most noted, inventive and radical names in contemporary music. In particular the work of women composers, living composers — particularly British, and Latin American culture come within Lontano’s sphere of interest, with many composers receiving important commissions, world premieres and enlightened interpretations.Lontano travels the world. Its international reputation as one of the leading exponents of contemporary music ensures a busy schedule which includes performances in the UK and abroad.Lontano, in 1992, was one of the first ensembles to set up it’s own record label. LORELT has since acquired the same reputation for versatility, eclecticism and vision enjoyed by Lontano itself.Lontano is synonymous with ‘’the future in music’.