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Review of LNT107: Flight: British Flute Music

Kate Sherriff, BBC Music Magazine

Flight: British Flute Music 'British Flute Music'. Hmm... And post-Second World War repertoire. You could be tempted to move on swiftly. Don't! It's high time these six beguiling works by George Benjamin, William Alwyn, York Bowen, Elizabeth Maconchy and Roberto Gerhard are recognised on an equal footing with the popular French pieces which so often monopolise CDs and concert programmes of 2Oth-century flute repertoire.

Culliford is an impassioned flautist whose interpretations here are spot on. The expansive, climactic phrases and flashy passages of York Bowen's Sonata, and the haunting atmosphere created by chromatic configurations in Alwyn's are superbly executed. Benjamin's Flight must surely be seen as the successor to Debussy's Syrinx. It displays fully the flute's compatibility with freedom and fantasy. It's virtuosic by nature, but begins and ends with mellow, low-register glissandi.

Performance: 5 stars; Sound: 5 stars

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