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Review of LNT138: Rob Keeley: Dances with Bears

Robin Holloway

Rob Keeley: Dances with Bears I have been greatly diverted and delighted by the larger half of this disc ... the Inventions for flute and clarinet are a real pleasure - cool or sparky, lyric or energetic, always ingenious and genuinely “inventive”. Dances with Bears is fun in its Weir-ish way: the Concerto for piano and 12 instruments reveals comparable excellence on a larger canvas (if still a tiny bit “modern-music”-ish ...). This work nonetheless makes the highlight with the disc’s first and best number, Quetzalli ... 10 minutes’ worth of sonorous pleasure, a sort of mix of Messiaen and the MJQ, yet its own sound entirely, precisely-focussed and sensitive, frisky and expressive; not a moment too long ... which leaves one wanting more! And now I must find out what the title means. ... Next, please!

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