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Review of LNT124: Francisco Mignone - Piano Music

International Record review

Francisco Mignone - Piano Music The works of Francisco Mignone were new to me, and making their acquaintance has been most enjoyable. They receive wholly committed performances from Clélia Iruzun, who met Mignone in the 1980s and to whom some of the works here are dedicated. Mignone was an accomplished composer (his Festa das Igrejas is currently available on Guild, conducted by no less a figure than Toscanini), conductor (of the Berlin Philharmonic and other leading orchestras) and also a pianist of some renown. Brazilian rhythms are blended with a harmonic language that is heavily influenced by western music, with shades of Debussy, Rachmaninov and Scriabin in evidence, and this attractive selection of his works can easily be listened to as a sequence of post-Romantic miniatures, the longest being a mere six minutes. The most effective, to my ears, are the waltzes (the Valsa-Choro, Valsa de Esquina and the Valsa Brasileira), of which Iruzun gives two from each set - beautifully engaging and melodious music - and it would be wonderful if an entire CD could be devoted to them. Iruzun might be well advised to do this as soon as possible: my guess is that other companies will be quick off the mark to record these eminently approachable works.

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