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Review of LNT139: Ernesto Nazareth: Portrait of Rio

Fabiano Gonçalves, Movimento, August 2015

Ernesto Nazareth: Portrait of Rio “Clélia navigates through the repertoire with ease, giving life to the notes with remarkable technique and a lot of grace, evoking at the same time, the remote Paris of Chopin (as Poloneza and the waltz Passaros em Festa) and Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the 20th century (listen to Dengoso and the to tango Ouro sobre Azul).”

“As much as she is used to driving on the right or taking afternoon tea, Clélia Iruzun shows in this CD, her Brazilianness is still in the blood. Her talent paints a multi-coloured and sunny portrait of the very Brazilian Ernesto Nazareth’s Rio de Janeiro.”

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