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Review of LNT121: Luís Tinoco: Chamber Works

Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion

Luís Tinoco: Chamber Works Luís Tinoco is a contemporary Portuguese composer, born in 1969, whose music I confess I had not encountered until receiving this CD. He is clearly a composer of highly imaginative gifts and technical skill and few listeners will be able to resist wanting to hear a work such as Sundance Sequence, inspired by the escape some years ago of two pigs, nicknamed by the press as ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’, who fled from a slaughterhouse near London. They were ‘on the run’ for about a week and when finally captured their lives were spared.

Tinoco has written a fascinating musical sequence on this story, Sundance was the last pig to be caught, which I enjoyed hearing.

Tinoco’s other, more seriously intentioned compositions on this CD are none the less equally assured in their coloration and control of timbre and time, and I have been much taken with the composer’s naturally expressed mastery of his material in these works. Each of them are, it seems to me, very well written, never pushing the instruments beyond their capabilities and full of a delight in composition that betokens a genuine artist. Lontano’s performances throughout, under the unique Odaline de la Martinez, are breathtakingly assured, especially those of the songs by Eileen Hulse, and all in all, I recommend this record highly. I should really like to hear more of Luís Tinoco’s music.

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