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Ernesto Nazareth

Portrait of Rio

Release Date 2015

Catalogue No. LNT139

Music by:

Ernesto Nazareth

Performed by:

Clélia Iruzun (piano)

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“Brazilian pianist Clélia Iruzun is indefatigable in promoting her country’s music.”


“Her playing is sensitive, neat and urbane, with en-route hesitations and carefully sustained final chords keeping things well-mannered.”


“[..]hope for a second volume before too long.”

4 star review


“As played by his compatriot Clélia Iruzun this music has enormous charm...”


“There are some outright gems here — notably two tangos entitled Plangente and Escovado...”

4 star review

Ray Picot, ILAMS

“There have seen some very interesting recordings in the last few years, but despite the short time I’ve had the album, I keep coming back to this latest recording by Clélia Iruzun. There is something unforced in her approach that is so appealing, and yet she has such fine attention to detail particularly with the dance rhythms.”

“A personal highlight is Plangente in which the rhythm of the samba is allowed to entwine the lovely melody, played like no other version I have heard. And the ever-popular Batuque sounds vivacious without any disjointed pointing of the tango’s rhythm.”

Fabiano Gonçalves, MOVIMENTO

“Clélia navigates through the repertoire with ease, giving life to the notes with remarkable technique and a lot of grace, evoking at the same time, the remote Paris of Chopin (as Poloneza and the waltz Passaros em Festa) and Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the 20th century (listen to Dengoso and the to tango Ouro sobre Azul).”


“As much as she is used to driving on the right or taking afternoon tea, Clélia Iruzun shows in this CD, her Brazilianness is still in the blood. Her talent paints a multi-coloured and sunny portrait of the very Brazilian Ernesto Nazareth’s Rio de Janeiro.”

João Marcos Coelho, CULTURA FM

“A new and more complete collection, Ernesto Nazareth Portrait of Rio, the 12th album of Rio-born pianist Clélia Iruzun resident in England, brings some important revelations about the pianistic production of Ernesto Nazareth ... gorgeous and revealing Nazareth recital.”

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